Friday, June 3, 2016

I am in Love or I am Not!??


Are you in love?
Is it a difficult question? It can be when your definition of love is not clear. If you have a certain specific definition of love, only then you can answer this question confidently. So do you have a definition of love? What is love to you? It's a very difficult question for me, and it gives me butterflies in my stomach. The thought of having a wrong definition of love fears me. There is a past associated that makes you think and think.

Think, think.. so is it that first eye contact with those lovely eyes and with that mesmerizing voice? Is it the first date when you had hand to hand touch? Or was it the first smile and laughs that you shared together? Can kiss happen without love?

Can you hug without love? Is it love to give your body to each other? Is it love to miss someone when you are not around them? And is it love to feel like being in the most comforting arms in whole world. Is it love to feel their pain even when they don't tell you. When you feel like holding them close to your heart and let them cry their tears and wet your cloths. Is it love to know that he/she loves to be with you.

Is it love to discuss to your career with each other? And making your plans such that you live together? Is it love to feel jealous when you see someone else with them? Are those little fights to come over from this jealousy another kind of love?
... So what is love to you? Please let me know.

Thank You!