Monday, February 17, 2014

7 Reasons - When to Switch to Next Girl.


The following thoughts are personal, it's not necessary that anyone agrees to them. You are most welcome to give your own thoughts on this topic through the comment box below.

Before I come to the main topic, I have something else in my mind. Recently, it was Valentine's day and I read an update on Facebook page of Akshay Kumar(Bollywood Actor) in which, he declared that he and his wife are not going to spend money on buying gifts for each other. 

There are so many reasons for you to not chose a girl as your girlfriend. That makes them a great couple together.

It makes a lot of sense, why to spend money on Valentine's day? Valentine's day is not a gift buying day, or it is not a shopping day. It is not bad to buy the gifts for each other, but for some people the sense of Valentine's day is like that of a "shopping day."

Do you think that shopping and buying gifts on Valentine's day makes a difference in your love life? please, let me know in the comment box.  Anyway, that was just a random thought wandering in my mind, now let me come to the main topic of the post. 

This was just a part of this post, my main focus of this post is to discuss some points, which I think are important to consider if you ever are in a position of dismissing a girl.  Your love life means a lot, so it must be harmonious one. 
  1. Does she love only your money? Well, in today's world, women work themselves and earn for them or their family, so please don't get confused about my views of women in general. I know there are plenty of women who love to be independent, and I respect them. I want you to be aware of the of the women who are money thirsty.It doesn't matter whether they earn for themselves or not, the money thirst is a problem. 
No matter how much they have or earn, some people want your money. It applies to both men and women. Erect your analytical antenna when the first question she asks is "What are you going to buy for me today?." Does this today comes more often than normal? 

2. She is around you only when she feels Jealous.
When she calls or tries to connect to you only when some other girl seems to be closer to you. This shows that she is jealous with other girls, and it may not be her love for you. See if she rubs against you with same intensity as she does when other girls are around, if not, you may be with wrong one. 
If you have to stay with such a girl, you have to carry one with you for whole of your life to make her jealous and so as to keep her with you. She will give you miss calls even at 12:00 AM just to check if you are talking to someone else. 

3. When you are just a piece of Meat.
Trust me there are some girls which are there with you only for sex, and you will get bored of them very soon. They are like the cylinder with holes on both ends, no matter how much you fill them, they are always empty. 

Either you break up with them, or they break up with you, it doesn't matter to them, they are just for sex, when you get a little distant from them, which can happen due to your work, or travel, they will search for another one. If you are good at sex, they will try to come back to you when you are around. See if you want the same.

4. Low Self Esteem. 
Even when you have not said those three words or neither you have kissed each other, but she becomes a radio station through which she will keep telling the story of how you proposed her and may be many other things. These girls are again having low self esteem and will not stay with you for longer if you propose them, they have their own issues to handle.

5. A Good Friend
When you propose her and she just wants to be a friend with you, trust me this girl is not the one for you. If she continues to talk to you even after the proposal, then she is going to be a good friend for you. It is not that she can't be your girl friend, but there is no sexual attraction or that spark, so none of you both can enjoy such relation.

6. She Wants your Attention but in wrong way.
If she starts flirting with your friends, she actually wants your attention but instead of getting that through some talent or common interest she takes the wrong way. Don't go for her until she finds some nice ways.

7. Lack of Trust.
When she listens shit about you from someone else and instead of talking to you about it, she starts behaving in a strange manner. I think the relation between you two must depend only on two of you. World population is very large and who knows who will say what about you to her.