Friday, August 23, 2013

Style is dead for Ingrid De La O

I received an email from Neil Strauss (5:50 AM- Indian ST) titled "Congratulations and Condolence". I was happy with the Congratulation word because there was going to be a happy news inside but the second word was making me afraid to open the email. Finally what I found was Congratulations were for the 9 persons who already have signed in for his next episode of his program called as Society 3.0 and the condolence was for the "Style".
Style was the name he choose for himself while he was in the GAME. The game which he played since he entered the secrete society of the Pick Up Artists. You can get more details by reading his bestselling book "The Game- Penetrating the secret society of Pick Up Artists".
Today he announced the funeral of Style as he is going to marry his girlfriend/fiancee named Ingrid De La O on 31 August. She is an American model. Neil is 39 years old with shaved head, and she is a 26 years blonde. Here is the link which is given by Neil to read about this couple, and a lot of details about the American model who is getting married with Neil Strauss:
Ingrid De La O
I wish them a very best with their future. I hope the marriage will last long with the fruitful results.