Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What it takes to be in love Again!

Ever been in a dating relationship? Your eyes met, heard that lovely voice and then you just went onto a long journey of the relationship, which seems to be very short while in relation, but once you get separated, then very long one if separation was not obvious.

Separation is also the part of the relationship, because relationship never ends until you recall the memories, whatever it is, it is still there in the form of the memories, which you may recall anytime, because it is easy to do so.
Relationship almost ends when you don't even recall the memories, when everything is out of your conscience.A healthy relationship is the one, in which you feel secure and happy when you are together not necessarily physically, but in memories too.
 It must not make you weak to move on, when you really need to, because it would be selfish to stick to it, while the other person does not want to. True love is never selfish, if the other person is not happy, let him/her go, if their true happiness lies in the separation, let them find it with it.

What matters to you is, your next step. Well, next step for an emotionally balanced person is to keep your loving nature with you. Let me explain it a little bit more, remember the first time you fell in love with someone? The first time when you truly loved someone; when you felt totally happy and secured. Its not about losing your virginity, its about your first love, which made you strong.

I think many people misunderstand their first love, they think that the person responsible for taking their virginity is the person who took all your love with him her. Love grows when you in love, and it can not be stolen or taken away, because our true nature is love.
Although it is not possible to measure the true love,but, I bet that you always can love more than you ever loved before, because the love grows.

The need is to find that 'more love' in you first, and then project it on someone who really need it and is ready to accept it. The love will reciprocate and you will feel wonderful.

Now, that you free to move on, your true nature of love should not be bounded with any kind of thought which stops you from going into another relationship. Let the love express itself, be kind to yourself and let your true nature of love come out. When you are in love, you learn the meaning of the words, such as 'trust', honesty, loyalty, compassion, kindness, sharing, feelings, forgiveness, joy, patience, success, enthusiasm and what not?

You feel very special, remember these words and the feelings attached to them, and recall them whenever you feel lonely, they will give you the power to love more and more.  So, coming to the title of this post, what it really takes to be in love?
 I think all it takes to be in true love is 'love' itself. Give it more and you get it more.
Very simple!

Thank you :)