Sunday, December 21, 2014

'Men want sex and Women want loyalty and love', Really?

Though, I don't often talk about sex in public, but gone are the times when 'Sex' was considered a very heavy word to pull it up your throat, and push it out through your tongue. They say that boys get married for 'sex' and girls for 'love' and 'loyalty'. I have been hearing such lines, since many years. In one manner I feel it to be a gender biasing. 
'Men want sex and women want loyalty and love' - Really? (original Photo :

It is hard to come up with a single and straight answer. They say men watch porn a lot, so does that define that men want only sex? Anyway, I think porn is an emotion less, physical exercise, but it doesn't matter. It is very much established fact that men watch porn more than the women, but it is not a fact that men have more sex than the women, because it is not possible.

Well, watching porn and having sex is quite different, I suppose. It can keep your mind busy, imagining unwanted things whole days and nights after watching porn, but when you have sex with your partner, I think instead of imagining it on anyone you will miss that one specific person, your partner.

 Once a man is out from that porn and masturbation mode, it seems quite unrealistic to imagine a man, marrying a woman just for sex. 
A man cries too, when he gets hurt and cheated, yeah! but in some secret place though, not in between his chatter group. I am sure that he doesn't cry for the sex, but he cries for feeling down, unloved and cheated. It shatters his self confidence. It is not the long lost sex nights, that he cries for. He needs love, but in more of a subtle manner, and sex is merely one of his ways to show his love.

'If a man doesn't marry a girl after having sex, he must be a sex predator', that is what few people think. If you ask them, if they themselves have got married to the person with whom they had sex for the first time, and if they give you the true answer, I am quite sure it will be 'No', with very few exceptions.

Keep rapes and molestations away from the current topic of sex, because rapes are the result of the mental sickness, that results due to the personal abuses(mental or physical) or perceived abuses that the rapists had gone through in his/her past. That is why there are the rehabilitation centers and not a death sentence for such people. At some level, society as a whole is responsible for that. In that way, if a person doesn't marry even after having sex for first time, what does that mean?

It is more than just sex, it is about their(men and women both) career, their family, their dreams. It's the reason, that there are very few people, who marry to the same person. It shows that for men and women, both alike, no doubt sex plays a big part, but there are other things that matter more than that. 
The conclusion of my post is that those who do, should stop using the gender biased statements such as this, that men want only sex and marry only for sex. Keep nymphomania and satyriasis out of this post, but again they together include both genders, making them satyromaniacs and nymphomaniacs respectively. 

Thank you!