Saturday, November 15, 2014

Role of Focus in Relationship.

"God please, make this one last forever! please! Please!", well, may be you don't believe in God, but still without being conscious, you pray for it. You are in a new relationship and you don't want to ruin it like the last one. You loved your last one, more than your life, or at least that is what you thought, but somehow it didn't work.
Have a heart with a focus

You think you wanted it to work, but have no clue, in what way. When you don't have the clue, means you are not focussed.You were not focussing the eye of the fish, but you were looking either at whole of the fish or you were looking at the the tail, that is why you lost. This is very much true, we fail, because we don't have the clear picture of the thing that we want from a relationship.

When we don't have the clear and the exact picture, instead of hitting the eye, we hit at another spots. This another spot can become the tail of the fish, if we were looking at the tail. In relationships, this tail can become the reason for the break up and therefore another relationship. You get into the another relationship, but I am sure that it was not what you had intended to aim for. This becomes the reason for being dissatisfied. This becomes the reason, why Duryodhana was, what he was, an evil person.

Arjuna hit the eye, because he knew what he was aiming for and therefore he got what he wanted. Every one knows that love happens through heart, your heart participates in it. When you talk to that person, your heart feels happy, you can not ignore the response of your heart. Sometimes, it start to beat faster, and sometimes it is slow, but you can't ignore it. All the time, your mind is focussed at your heart. That is why they say, that love happens from the heart, still don't believe me? Just remember, what I said, and next time when your mind gets focussed at your heart, which resides at the left side of your chest/breast, you will come to know.

The amazing thing is that the heart next to you beats with the same frequency and amplitude, and that is what harmony is. All this needs a focus, focus on the moment, if either of us, is not focussed, it may change the fate. This is what creates the understanding, sharing and joy of being together.
Well, that is all I have to say today, thanks for being here, may god bless you.