Saturday, March 22, 2014

Does Mantra(Om Kleem Kamdevay namah) works with dating?


I just came across a youtube video which is made by Kapiel Raaj, a vedic astrologer and much more. He is basically from India but currently lives in US.
I have subscribed to his channel of astrology to learn the vedic astrology and that is why that I can call myself at least a rookie in astrology. If you want to check out astrology blog please visit here through this link.

Now let's come back to our video so, this video teaches you a Mantra which will help you to bring the right person as a love partner in your life. This Mantra is basically a prayer to the lord of 'Kama'(love making) in Hindu mythology. Kamadev is the Hindu God who can fill a person with the desire of sex and lust.

So, if you pray to this God he will make you attractive enough to attract the love of your life. According to Kapiel Raaj, you will become a magnet for opposite sex. It sounds funny but just wanted to share with you. I take it to a somewhat serious level because Hindu mythology is very deep and I think there is a lot to search in it. 

Well, sooo, here is the Mantra "Om Kleem Kamdevay Namah". Chant this mantra where ever you feel comfortable. 
This one line simply mean that you are bowing your respect to Kamdeva. So, will this work for your or not?
Will this work for you or not? will work or not? ... or not?
Honestly I don't know but, I believe that Mantra chanting is a kind of meditation and this surely will help you in some way. 
Either it will make you calmer or may be more attractive in some manner because that is what meditation does.

That is all I wanted to share for now, if you have any experience in this matter please, share it with me.
I would love to listen!

Thanks a lot!

Update: 04th May 2016

I get few people asking me question related to this Mantra. Please forgive me, because I am not any kind of expert in this field. If you read my post clearly, I myself have asked this question from the readers, if this has worked for them. As none of you has replied about the working of this Mantra yet, I myself have not even tried this out. I didn't know that this post will get popular in my blog. I had wrote it just out of curiosity, but it surprises me that lot of people believe are interested in it. Anyway, my question is still open, so if you want to share your experience, please let me know through comment box or through email.