Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Week - Let it be a Celebration or Horror! Just Let it Be!!

Are you single or coupled? Well it doesn't matter! let's talk about everyone.
It is heavy for some people to pass that single Valentine's day, and talking about a whole week would be burden  or a nightmare for them, because they have so many worries about their love life. Some people can't bear the pain of being single, and some can't bear the pain of being in a relationship.

Well this is not a metaphor, or a riddle, there are some people who are in bad relationships and their pain is also not lesser. Valentine's week is excitement for the happy couples, and they want to celebrate it with all their heart, so in my view, nobody should oppose it. I will post my views to have a peaceful life, no matter you are single or in relationship. 

Anyway, almost nobody's heart remains untouched, some people are against and others on the side of Valentine's day celebration, and I just love to observe all the drama. This is my inaugural post for the Valentine's week(I don't promise another one each day though, so please don't wait), please note that these are my personal views, so debaters or haters stay away, others are welcome.

 Sometimes, we don't even know that we are in Love, and it is hard to believe it. Then comes somebody else, and pokes us badly, and we realize 'aawwwww! I am already in Love'. Thanks to that somebody else!! Now that you realize that you are in Love, what is the next step?

Being in Love doesn't need any sort of approval or compliances from others. I have observed people saying 'I love you' or 'I like you' just to listen it back. It doesn't have to be that way, if you love someone, just say that you love them, and see the smile in their face.
 It is same as telling someone cute of them being cute, you don't say it to get back 'You are cute too'. If they say it back, that would be just an co-incidence provided you are cute in the first plae, and it would be amazing, but it doesn't matter if they don't say it. You may call this selfless love. 

Thank you!