Monday, October 20, 2014

Move On or Move Along?

The most difficult stage of a relationship is when you start thinking that the end is near. You start thinking, had you not been loving him/her so deeply, it would have been easy to move on. Had you not trusted them so much, you could have saved you from all the pain. Had you not lived with them so long, you could have saved yourself from the amount of the pain that you have to feel now. Had you not laughed and cuddled with them, you could have saved yourself from these tears.
Move On or Move Along?

The cause of the pain can be anything, it can the lack of communication, which creates the misunderstandings, or it can be some other social matter which is coming on your way, and you don't know whom to blame it for. It can be his/her mother or father, or friends which you don't like, and somehow it has become an issue in your relationship. You try to neglect the pain for a while, but then it strikes again and again, and you realize that longer you stay, more you getting hurt.

Then you meet someone who is nicer and lovely and makes you forget the pain of your relationship. Would it be better to propose this new person and end up the earlier one? Won't this solve all the problems that you have in your personal life?
Won't it be a magic pill to save you from all the pain that you have? Whooo... stop stop, not so fast, do you think the next person really loves you? I think not, no one loves an insecure and vulnerable ass. It is not the solution.
He/She might sympathise with you, and if the person is bad, might use you for their own ego, and after the purpose is over, may move on. The solution is not to get into another relationship as fast as you can, but the solution is to hold on, take a breathe, feel yourself, feel the life. Even if you go with the new one, you will realize it soon that it was a mistake, unless you were really really lucky and the person is stupid enough or loving enough to take you along.

 I think one should take time, but it differs from person to person, some are plainly just so  much insecure that they will simply jump on to the another person and send a picture of the new one to the old one, exposing it more that how vulnerable and miserable they are and were.  Creating the jealousy backfires in most cases. For me its the end of the relationship, because this is where the trust ends.

Some people are little more courageous and they start to think the ways to save their relationship, and sometimes it might have worked, but once you are hurt, it is unforgettable. Only few are really courageous to forget the hurt and carry on happily. Very few people are having a clear mind set, because at this point, the mind gets vulnerable to all the negative thoughts. It gets impulsive, it gets weak, and it imagines all the horrible.

Very few are sure of whether they have to carry on or to move on? Its really hard to decide if you taking the right decision or not. That is the way it is, the way to move on is to understand your heart. Put it down on a paper or a blog, and focus on what it really want to have.  That is the reason that I created this post, just to put my mind on a page. Simply understand your mind and you will save yourself from the pain, that is what Buddha said, and I believe in too. Watch it, understand it, and enjoy it. That is happiness. With time, you will automatically move on to deeper happiness. Time heals, but take your time.

Thank you