Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Idea from Girl Friend

"Jaan, Its been long time since I wrote anything here, I want to write a new post on my dating blog, what should I write about?" posted into our Facebook chat box, asking for an advise from my girl friend.
I knew she doesn't read much literature and neither does she write a blog, but still I wanted some advise from her.
"write something about us", she replied back. "Write about some funny moment between us.". Now I had to think some funny moment.
An idea from my girl friend
"Okay, let me think.", I replied back, expecting a further detailed reply from her, because I have heard that girls are unstoppable in such replies.

"I love you.", next came the reply. Okay, instantly came this idea of writing about this whole conversation taking place between us. I felt something good about this conversation, so I wanted to share it in my blog.

After thinking all this, I again poked her with my next line, " Came any idea into your mind?".
"No, you were thinking about something, not me.". I think she wanted something in surprise from me, so didn't want to contribute much of her own into the whole post.
"You think something too.". I gave a last try.
"Write about some unforgettable moment between us, which you think of as most special between us.". I was thinking, that this moment was going to be something very special, because yet I have not told her about the whole idea of this post.
"You tell me about the moment which you think was most special for us.". Now that was another last try from me and I expected of her getting a little irritated.
"I don't remember any one now.". Okay, she is a little irritated now.

"Okay", I replied back. Now I waited for her for few moments to come back into a creative mode.
" You thought something?", she retorted back after about 3-3 minutes.
"I don't know.",
"Hawww...  write about a fight between us.". Now, she was in a sweet fight mode.
"Write about that fight between us, which took place inside that Pizza hut.", I think she love those fights, when I get jealous, because this gives her more attention. I was jealous about some of boys in her friend list in Facebook, and so I was giving her advice on how to avoid those boys.
"Do you love such fights?", I didn't really want to write about that in details.
"No.. not totally.".. I think this was a line for taking back the sweet revenge, which she avoided to take that day, while I was advising her and irritating her a little.

"What should I write about that Pizza fight?".
" I gave you plot, you are writer, so write further.", after this reply from her I got busy in writing this whole post, so while I was at half of this post, came the next poke, this time from her side.

"Lost?".. Okay, I was lost into this post, .."No, I am writing the post now.", I replied back. I expected some curiosity from her, but she chose not to disturb me because she sensed me been busy, but I knew of her being curious.

" I am writing about this whole chat which just happened in between us.".. this time I expected her to become a little surprised, but not like others.. " I would love to read that.", came the waited reply.
"Finish it fast, and take your dinner.", I felt good about this line from her, because even if she don''t read my post, she showed a sincere care for my dinner, for which I am getting really late.
Its 10:00 PM now, so I better hit the publish button.

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